About Us

GSS Integrated Energy Ltd. is privately owned company incorporated in 2007. We offer engineering consulting services in the area of energy modelling and energy audits as well as design and planning services for thermal storage and geothermal applications. GSS has been extensively involved in the research and development of community scale Thermal Microgrids involving alternative generation and storage that can operate autonomously. By combining traditional GeoExchange processes with improved Combined Heat and Power systems GSS thermal storage (BTES) systems are able to operate efficiently year-round in Alberta. 


The GSS design team has developed advanced modelling and design software to meet electrical and thermal energy demands with a full range of passive and active system options. The integrated design processes not only result in the lowest life cycle costs and high system efficiency, but also a significant impact on GHG emissions. 

GSS has completed multiple large thermal storage projects in the Edmonton area as well as over 40 residential geothermal installations. 

GSS Integrated Energy. Alternative Energy, CHP Cogeneration, Microgrid

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