What Steps to Successful Thermal Microgrid Projects?


For successful Thermal Microgrid deployments, everyone involved want systems that perform from the first day to their satisfaction. To ensure promising results, these are six essential elements that every project needs to address.


  • Consulting & Planning

  • Financing

  • Equipment – Generation assets, distribution equipment, storage, valves, etc.

  • Automation & controls software

  • Service & Maintenance

  • Analytics

How to Design and Build a Thermal Microgrids?


Major components to designing and building a Thermal Microgrid are:

  • Sources of Thermal Energy

  • Controls (Managing flow from source to consumption)

  • Storage (Higher/ Low Temperature - Load Balancing, Peak Shaving)

  • Distribution (Recover and Deliver Thermal Energy)

  • Thermal Energy Load Demands

GSS can provide design and consulting support to help your projects succeed.