Thermal Conductivity Testing

& Enhanced Ground Response Testing 

Distributed Temperature Sensing - DTS


Enabling fast, reliable and cost-effective sensing through highly integrated optical measurement systems

Our DTS equipment offer unparalleled level of flexibility and accuracy of temperature measurements.  The GSS DTS performs measurements down to 1 meter spatial resolution with less than 0.1 °C temperature resolution providing hundreds of measurement points in a single trace capture up to 2 km.  Advanced data processing and visualization offer great tools for analysis of thermal processes and/or hazarded situations alerts. The possible applications for DTS system are following but not limited to:


  • Enhanced Geothermal Response Tests – Geothermic

  • Hydrological Monitoring & Analysis

  • Heat transfer and heat load in construction, buildings, bridges, etc.

  • TEES Performance 

The heart of the GSS temperature monitoring solution is a unique fibre optic Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) system. With a passive optical fibre acting as temperature sensor, you can monitor exact temperature profiles along the optical fibre where other equipment fail to provide you the solution you need.