Southwoods Microgrid

The Southwoods project by Christenson Developments is a 19-acre community of seniors and affordable housing for working families in Hazeldean in Edmonton.  The company plans to renovate 144 town homes dating from the 1950s and to build 264 apartments.

Multiple natural gas-fired CHP generators power the community’s homes while excess heat is directed to the TEES System, and drawn back in winter to warm homes.  Treated storm and rain water are used for the low temperature thermal energy distribution network. All units will operate using ground source heat pumps to handle the energy supplied by a central utility centre.

GSS designed and installed a large thermal storage field (TEES) to conserve the waste heat produced by the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units. This energy has been used to supply heat to the surrounding townhomes and recently completed senior's home. The field additionally supplies air conditioning to the residences via a network of interconnected heat pumps.