Maple Ridge Storage redefines the previous notions of self storage by allowing you to purchase and own your self-storage unit instead of paying money each month into someone else’s pocket.


Don’t need self storage? Purchase a unit to be included in the rental pool. Your purchased until will be rented to those looking     for an indoor self-storage solution. Maple Ridge Storage handles the management of all the rented units, so you do not have to worry about trying to find renters or chase down monthly payments. If your unit goes unrented for a month, there is no penalty. You will not lose money as you will always receive a minimum return each month as part of the rental pool guarantee.


Maple Ridge Storage believes in a green-energy future is committed to a sustainable building design with a net-zero impact. To achieve this, Maple Ridge Storage has partnered with Edmonton-based GSS Integrated Energy Ltd. to create an alternative energy smart micro-grid building using GSS’s patented Thermal Energy Exchange and Storage system in conjunction with solar thermal and solar pv generation and storage systems.

Maple Ridge Energy System

When completed Maple Ridge condos will be supplied by an on-site co-generation system utilizing thermal storage designed and installed by GSS Integrated Energy. Over the summer of 2019 GSS constructed the thermal storage borefield (BTES System) seen to the right.