Thermal Microgrid District Energy

 Private Utility Energy 

Do Thermal Microgrids Offer any Advantages?

Thermal microgrids can be integrated with electrical microgrids to achieve a much higher level of efficiency for all energy systems within a development or community.

GSS developed synchronized thermal and electrical microgrids because they can be more responsive, more efficient and allow bi-directional energy movement compared to the conventional distribution systems.  Utilities are produced, managed, consumed, and monitored all on a local scale. 

They can be integrated into larger central grids, but their defining characteristic is that they can operate independently if disconnected from the whole, increasing resiliency. 


By drastically shortening the difference between where energy generated, how it is managed, and where it is being used, Smart micro-grids eliminate the need for transmission infrastructure, and thus reduce the amount of energy simply being lost along the way.

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Any combination of technologies can be used in a thermal microgrid from hybrid to pure renewables.