Quadra Generation 

 Heating, Cooling, Electrical Generation, CO2 

Quadra Generation


Cogeneration gas engines are highly efficient at providing the stimulus for the growth of plants, whilst in parallel providing a flexible supply of electrical power. Heat, cooling, and carbon dioxide (CO2) all promote plant growth. Carbon dioxide is released in the exhaust gases of the engine as a by-product of the combustion of the fuel gas. Electrical power can be used to provide energy for lighting or can be exported to the grid, heat can be stored as hot water for use when needed and finally the CO2 can be scrubbed and used to promote plant growth.

Benefits of CHP Quadra Generation  for Greenhouses

  • Efficiency levels up to 95%, therefore high contribution to resource conservation and maximization of profits.

  • Provides power to grid at times of maximum demand hence receiving highest power sale prices

  • Time-independent, high quality supply of CO2 and heat through heat storage.

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