Conventional geothermal is considered a passive system as it was designed to either extract localized ground temperature energy or to dissipate waste energy.  It typically uses a single loop, can only flow in one direction, and the entire system is either on or off.  Geothermal borefields are usually designed in a linear configuration on with 10’ (3m) spacing between holes to reduce borehole interference.

The TEES system uses the dynamic Active Zone geothermal borefield designed specifically to transfer hot and cold thermal energy to either the distribution system or stored in the ground.  It can inject, extract or store energy simultaneously, and can be managed from a single zone segment to multiple zones.  TEES borefields are usually designed in a circular configuration to concentrate stored energy and minimize losses to the boundaries.


Thermal Energy Exchange and Storage (TEES) system is a critical component of a thermal microgrid and is used to manage load imbalances.  Functioning as a battery, heat exchanger and regulator the TEES systems are designed to meet the daily, seasonal and annual peak heating and cooling thermal requirements of community scale projects.. 

TEES Temperature Range.png